getting out the magnifying glass...
Is a play the thing? Or maybe an anecdote?
A joke that occurs in dangerously close proximity to horrors can sometimes seem tasteless or insensitive, but gallows humor has a powerful ability to…

February 2023

In a recent Thursday Craft Conversation at the 24-Hour Room Lounge, we talked about unblocking, and people shared many strategies. My belief is that any…

December 2022

Whether you've finally reached the end of your book, or you are just at the beginning, or you're bogged down in the middle of things, or you have no…
The first page of your book or story is essential, arguably as important as the entire remainder, since it determines whether readers will read on. What…
create a self-guided tour to internal coherence

November 2022

compression and building reader agency
using action to define character
narrators and personae
world building that builds reader agency

October 2022

fulcrums for change